Diamond Weight: Important Terms to Understand

A diamond’s weight is a significant factor to consider in terms of the stone’s overall value. Indeed, diamond buyers should look at it when assessing a diamond. A diamond’s most important characteristics include color, cut, and clarity and carat weight.

The weight of a diamond determines its size. Two stones can look the same in terms of weight; however, differ when it comes to their appearance, depending on where most of the weight is. A number of stones have most of their weight on top of the stone, showing a bigger table while others have a deeper cut and more weight but with a smaller table.

There is a distinction between diamond weight and carat weight and the diamond’s overall weight. These are diamond terms that must be understood as they play a role in the pricing of the stones.

The Difference Between Carat Weight (CW) and Diamond Total Weight (DTW)

Diamond rings marked 2 carats DTW are not rings that have a 2-carat stone; instead, rings with many diamonds which make up 2 carats in total. Meanwhile, a diamond ring that is labeled 2 carats CW has a 2-carat diamond. Because diamonds tend to increase with a higher carat size, buyers must distinguish between a lot of stones that total a number as high 5 carats and a stone which weighs 5 carats.

Diamond Ring Settings

Solitaire, side tones, and three-stones are the main kinds of ring settings for diamonds. With a solitaire setting, knowing the diamond’s weight is less complicated when it’s the only stone on the ring. In general, side stone settings are composed of a big diamond and either two or many smaller stones. Those who prefer this setting should ask about the center stone since it matters the most. Finally, those who want to invest in a three-stone ring with stones having a significant size must ask about the dimensions and size of every stone to know each of their DTW and CW.

Weight is Just One Factor

As already mentioned above, a diamond’s carat weight is only one of the four major factors to consider when buying a stone. Aside from knowing about their weight and their impact on the total weight of the ring, it is important to learn about the diamond’s clarity, color, and cut.

There are a lot of things to know about these precious stones; however, buyers must know about the terms used by jewellery and diamonds sellers. This will help them make informed decisions when buying diamonds.

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