Quick Tips for Choosing Your Engagement Ring Style!

Engagements are special, and most couples spend a considerable amount of time selecting their engagement rings. Of course, there are many choices out there, but nothing beats the sheer beauty and brilliance of a diamond ring. In case you are confused about choosing your engagement ring style, we have listed down the best choices and styles below for your help.

  • Solitaires. If you prefer timeless style, a solitaire engagement ring is the best choice by all means. It is all about that one special gemstone/diamond, which makes the design even more special. Diamonds can be purchased additionally to create your custom, which is a great option. You can check online to get a free quote, based on the cut, clarity, shape, and carat you want.
  • Solitaire rings with added diamonds. Along with a precious diamond on the top, you can use smaller diamonds to adorn the band of the ring, making it more special and unique. The choice of smaller diamonds is based on the actual shape and color of the solitaire, and the prices depend accordingly.
  • Solitaire with two diamonds. Also known as trilogy, this is a unique design that comes with three diamonds, with one solitaire in the center. You can keep the look minimal unlike a band of diamonds, but the design isn’t as simple as an easy solitaire ring. Since most girls prefer wearing engagement rings all the time, going for something like this is a better idea.

Buying diamonds

No matter the shape, size and kind of diamond you want, always go for certified rings and loose diamonds. The 4 Cs of a diamond – cut, clarity, carat and color determine the grade of the diamond, and there are very well-known organizations that rate diamonds based on these aspects, using precision laboratory equipment. Certified diamonds are easy to buy and sell, and you can always choose to compromise on one of the four aspects to focus on other elements.Finally, if you are designing your engagement ring, consider the varied options in precious metals. For a more traditional look, 22k or 18k gold is ideal, while platinum is great for engagement rings that promise to shine forever. Rose gold is a popular choice for engagement rings too. Set a budget for your solitaire, and you can work on the other aspects easily. Check online now to find the best sellers for loose diamonds and engagement rings.

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